What are the benefits of a full body lift? Questions to PD Dr. med. Tremp

The body lift is a combination of tummy, buttock and thigh lift. In a body lift (body lift), the excess skin is removed. Occasionally, the procedure is followed by liposuction. If desired, the liposuctioned fat can be reused and injected into the buttocks, for example, for an improved shape.

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Reasons for excess skin?

A strong weight loss (e.g. 50 and more kg) in a short period of time, such as after a bariatric operation or simply through consistent diet and sport, leads in many cases to an excess of skin almost all over the body.

Many patients find this unpleasant and may also suffer from problems such as chronic skin inflammation and reduced physical activity.

Upper and lower body lift?

It will distinguish between upper and lower body lift. In patients with excess skin on the upper arms, lateral chest and breasts, an upper body lift, better known as a "Chestlift" is performed. Patients with excess skin on the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs have a lower body lift.

Are the results of a body lift long lasting?

The chances of a lasting result are good provided that the body weight remains stable.

After the operation, we will motivate you to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. A certain percentage is dissolved again during the treatment of your own fat. If you smoke, you should stop smoking 4 weeks before and after the operation.

Which scars remain visible?

The operation-related scars are placed in such a way that they can be concealed in the bikini zone or swimsuit. If the silhouette is in good shape, the scar is usually not a problem and can be treated well by a scar treatment programme (radiofrequency microneedling, autologous blood treatment).

Do I have to lose weight before the procedure?

If you have a male BMI of more than 32kg/m2 or a female BMI of more than 30kg/m2, you should try to reduce your weight by means of nutritional advice and regular exercise.

Do I have to tell you what kind of medication I am taking?

You must inform the attending physician about secondary diseases and medication. If you are taking blood-thinning medication such as aspirin, you should pause it 10 days before the operation, otherwise the risk of bleeding is increased.

What are the risks with a body lift?

Possible complications are bruises, excessive scarring, circulatory problems, or infections. The exact risks are discussed in detail with the doctor during a preparatory consultation. A temporary numbness usually returns to normal after 12 - 24 months and is hardly a problem for the patient.

How long does the inability to work last?

Incapacity for work of around two weeks must be expected. In the case of heavy physical activity, the loss of working hours can last up to 4 weeks.

What do I have to consider after the operation?

We will provide you with a compression suit which you should wear for about 4 weeks. The stitches will be removed after about 14 days. Light sporting activities such as walking or cycling can usually be resumed after 4 weeks once the healing process is complete. We recommend a scar massage after 6 weeks.

How much does a body lift cost?

The effective costs of a body lift depend on the type and extent of the respective procedure and can only be determined during a consultation.

Will the surgery be covered by health insurance?

The procedure is usually cosmetic and is not covered by health insurance.

Do you have questions about body lifting?

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