Aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery

The breasts are an important characteristic of femininity. They influence the body image and self-confidence of the woman individually. The shape and size of female breasts are highly variable.

Especially after pregnancy the shape of the breast can change. The personal idea of a beautiful breast is crucial and decisive.

A breast correction can usually eliminate the discomfort with your own breast shape or size and lead to a lasting improvement in body feeling and female self-confidence.

Aesthetic or reconstructive breast surgery includes all forms of breast surgery: congenital malformations, reconstructive surgery after breast cancer, breast augmentation with implants, breast lift or breast reduction.

The offer from PD. Dr. Tremp covers the entire spectrum of breast surgery - from aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, the therapy of asymmetrical breasts and congenital malformations, to corrective interventions for suboptimal results after breast surgery.

During a consultation you will be informed by PD. Dr. med. Mathias Tremp will inform you about the procedure, possible complications and the feasibility of the desired breast correction.

Dr Mathias Tremp Breast Surgery

Aesthetic breast surgery

Small, sagging or too large breasts

The most common treatment of aesthetic breast surgery is breast augmentation with silicone implants. The implants we use are absolutely safe and have proven themselves over the past years.

Breast malformations are common and can include various forms, both of the nipple and the breast shape. Learn more about correction for uneven breast shape and breast malformations.

Reconstructive Surgery Dr Tremp

Reconstructive breast surgery to restore the breast

The aim of reconstructive breast surgery is to restore the breast, e.g. after breast cancer treatment. It can be done with the patient's own tissue (own fat treatment, microsurgical techniques) or with implants. Each technique must be discussed individually with the patient.

The male breast (= gynecomastia) is very common. It can be unilateral, but also affect both breasts. Many men unfortunately suffer from unilateral or mostly bilateral enlargement of the male breast.

There are two types of male breasts. There is the real gynecomastia (increase of the mammary gland) and the false gynecomastia (lipomastia, increase of fatty tissue).

Patients often feel that their self-confidence has been diminished. The excess glandular tissue can also be painful.

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