Aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery

Aesthetic or reconstructive breast surgery includes all forms of breast surgery: congenital malformations, reconstructive surgery after breast cancer, breast augmentation with implants, breast lift or breast reduction.

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Aesthetic breast surgery

The most common treatment of aesthetic breast surgery is breast augmentation with silicone implants. The implants we use are absolutely safe and have proven themselves over the past years.

Small, sagging or large breasts

Breast malformations are common and can include various forms, both of the nipple and the breast shape. Learn more about the correction of uneven breast shape and breast malformations.

Reconstructive Surgery Dr Tremp

Reconstructive breast surgery

Reconstructive breast surgery aims to restore the breast, e.g. after breast cancer treatment. It can be done with the patient's own tissue (own fat treatment, microsurgical techniques) or with implants. The techniques include:

  • Expander implant for mastectomy
  • Breast reconstruction with tissue from the abdomen (DIEP flaps)
  • Breast reconstruction with tissue from the thigh (TMG flap)
  • Breast reconstruction with tissue from the buttocks (S-GAP flap)
  • Breast reconstruction with back muscle (latissimus dorsi flap plasty)
  • Breast reconstruction with autologous fat tissue transfer (lipofilling)

Each technique must be discussed individually with the patient.

Male breast

The male breast is very common. It can be unilateral, but also affect both breasts. Patients often feel reduced in their self-confidence, the excess glandular tissue can also be painful.

Dr Mathias Tremp Male breast
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