Upper eyelid lift or eyebrow lift? Questions to PD Dr. Mathias Tremp

Excess skin on the upper eyelids quickly makes patients look tired and old. Often, however, especially in older patients, sunken eyebrows occur simultaneously, which often go unnoticed. Therefore, a combined procedure of upper eyelid lift and eyebrow lift is sometimes useful.

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How is the upper eyelid lift performed?

In upper eyelid lifting, the excess skin of the upper eyelids is surgically removed. If necessary, the fatty tissue can be removed or redistributed in the depth

How is an eyebrow lift performed?

In a direct eyebrow lift, the position of the eyebrows is raised by removing the skin directly above the eyebrows without reducing forehead wrinkles.

Temporal eyebrow lifting involves making an incision in the hairy temple region to raise the outer part of the eyebrows as well as part of the middle brow region. During a forehead lift, the deep forehead wrinkles and the entire position of the eyebrows are corrected at the same time.

What happens if only the upper eyelids are tightened and the eyebrows are lowered?

If the upper eyelids are tightened without treating the sunken eyebrows, the eyebrows will drop, which is cosmetically disturbing.

This mechanism occurs because the activity of the forehead muscle is deactivated by the removal of skin from the upper eyelids, resulting in a lowering of the eyebrows.

How can sunken eyebrows be checked?

A typical clinical sign of sunken eyebrows is an excess of skin, especially on the outer part of the upper eyelids. If, for example, Botox is also injected into the forehead muscle, the eyebrows are lowered. Therefore, when treating the forehead with botulinum toxin, the eyebrows must often be treated as well.

Will it need an anesthetic?

The procedure can often be performed under local anesthesia or in so-called twilight sleep on an outpatient basis. General anesthesia is recommended for forehead lifts.

What are possible side effects?

After the operation, there may be a blue discoloration and swelling in the surgical area. You should therefore take it easy on your body after the operation and keep your upper body elevated. A temporary numbness and tension in the scar area are possible.

When does the insurance cover part of the operation costs?

Insurance companies very rarely cover the intervention and only if the field of vision is significantly restricted.

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