Plastic and aesthetic facial treatments

The face is the most important recognition feature of a person. Uncovered, the individual facial expression (forehead, noses, eyes and mouth) is an elementary component of human communication. The face is also a mirror of the inner condition. Fresh facial expressions convey happy and positive signals to the person opposite. In contrast, the face can show asymmetries and undesirable forms in case of illness, accidents or predispositions, which can make communication difficult.

Aesthetic plastic surgery of the face is very demanding and requires a special qualification and experience of the plastic surgeon. Therefore, in the case of aesthetic facial operations, such as facelifts, nose corrections, comprehensive consultation, planning and education is necessary in order to prepare patients optimally for the operation.

The offer of plastic and aesthetic facial surgery of PD. Dr. med. Mathias Tremp includes the reconstruction and aesthetic surgery of all structures in the face, especially facelift with the SMAS technique and nose operations. In addition to the surgical measures, PD Dr. Tremp is also familiar with the minimally invasive methods (botulinum or hyaluron filler) for aesthetic facial treatments.

During a consultation you will be informed by PD. Dr. med. Mathias Tremp will inform you in detail about the methods of intervention, possible complications and the feasibility of the desired facial correction.

Dr Mathias Tremp Plastic Facial Surgery

Plastic facial surgery

The plastic and aesthetic facial surgery includes the reconstruction and aesthetic surgery of all structures in the face. Especially the facelift technique is an operation with amazing results. I have learned and practised these techniques with renowned plastic surgeons such as Rod J. Rohrich or Timothy Marten.

Aesthetic facial treatments

In order to keep facial skin firm and healthy, aesthetic facial treatments help to complement regular facial care. The great advantage of so-called "minimally invasive" facial treatments is the immediate effect and low downtime.

For example, with a few fine needles (e.g. Radiofrequency Microneedling (Genius®), important areas of the face (forehead, frown line, cheeks, nasolabial fold and chin line) can be treated and corrected very effectively.

As a rule, you will be socially acceptable either immediately after the treatment or after a few days. The treatments can usually be carried out under local anaesthetic. Bruises or swellings are of short duration.

PD Dr med Mathias Tremp Plastic Surgery

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