Flying chin? Chin correction? Chin augmentation? Double chin removal? Questions for PD Dr Mathias Tremp

A weakly defined chin is usually congenital and can be distressing for many sufferers. Men in particular want a prominent chin, while a soft and round chin is more a sign of femininity. A weakly developed chin is also called a "receding chin" because it visually "disappears" in the mouth and neck area.

A receding chin can often be associated with a double chin, which is caused by excess tissue or fat accumulation below the chin, even if your body weight or BMI (Body Mass Index) is within the normal range. A chin correction can provide relief, either as a chin correction alone (so-called "genioplasty") or together with a treatment of the double chin. Patients experience a positive change after a short time, their appearance is more self-confident and associated with a positive charisma.

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What is the course of treatment and surgery?

Basically, chin correction can be performed with specially developed fillers, autologous fat or with an individually shaped chin implant (silicone elastomer). For the treatment of a double chin, either a treatment with a fat way injection (deoxycholanic acid) or liposuction can be performed.

The treatments with the fillers or with the fat way injection can be carried out without any problems in the practice with local anaesthesia. The treatment with the patient's own fat or liposuction of the double chin can be performed on an outpatient basis in so-called twilight sleep.

Chin correction with an implant

Chin correction with an implant is usually performed under general anaesthesia and can be performed as an outpatient or inpatient procedure, depending on the additional procedures. The access is either from the inside through the oral mucosa or from the outside directly under the chin of approx. 1cm length. The implants are stabilised with titanium screws.

What are the alternatives to chin implants?

Various specially developed fillers can be used for chin augmentation, such as hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite rsp. poly-L-lactic acid implant. However, treatment with the patient's own fat is also possible for chin augmentation.

In addition to fillers such as hyaluronic acid or collagen stimulators, treatment with botulinum can be useful, especially for very strong and active chin muscles and for the treatment of chin wrinkles.

Relaxation of the chin muscles

In the case of a so-called drop chin, the chin muscles become slack, which can be successfully treated either by a surgical tightening or with a radiofrequency treatment. The great advantage of radiofrequency microneedling is the scar-free treatment.

Where does the scar run?

In the case of treatment with a chin implant, access can be made from the inside through the oral mucosa or from the outside directly under the chin. The scar will hardly be visible from the outside and is about 1cm long. With the other treatments such as liposuction or autologous fat treatment, no scars will be visible.

What kind of operations can be combined with a chin augmentation?

Together with the nose, the chin is crucial for a harmonious facial profile. Thus, a chin correction can often be combined with a nose correction. At the same time, implants can also be inserted in the cheek area or jaw angle. An exact analysis and planning takes place during a detailed consultation and on the basis of 2D simulations.

How long does the result last?

The result of a treatment with hyaluronic acid or botulinum lasts between 6 - 9 months. After a treatment with collagen stimulators, the effect of the treatment lasts for more than a year.

The results of liposuction can be permanent, provided that a healthy lifestyle is maintained. Filling with autologous fat provides a permanent result after the initial resorption rate of 40-50%; if necessary, the treatment can be repeated again. Treatment with an implant is considered sustainable.

What are the risks?

The risks of the treatment are low. As with all surgical procedures, disturbances in wound healing or infection can occur. However, these complications are very rare due to the good blood circulation in the facial area. Slight swelling, bruising or redness may occur for a few days, which often disappears by itself. Sensory restrictions of the lower lip may occur temporarily, but are usually not permanent. Permanent nerve injuries are very rare.

What do I have to keep in mind after the operation?

As a rule, a small drain is inserted during the operation, which is removed the following day. The dressing is also removed after 24 hours. Antibiotics should be taken for 7 days to prevent infection.

If the operation was accessed through the oral mucosa, then a soft, cool diet is recommended for 72h after the operation. Physical exertion should be avoided for 2-3 weeks after surgery.

If the procedure was performed under the chin, the sutures will be removed after 10 - 14 days. There is then hardly anything left to be seen of the procedure. Afterwards, you will need to massage the scar with a fatty or silicone scar cream daily for up to one year after the operation, as well as use a sunscreen with sun protection factor 50.

What are the costs?

As the procedure is an aesthetic treatment, the health insurance companies do not cover the applications. Depending on the additional procedures and duration of the operation, you will receive a detailed written cost estimate from us.

The costs for a chin correction with an implant alone are from CHF 5,000 and must be transferred for the planned operation at least 7 days before the operation so that the appointment can be definitively confirmed. This advance payment, which is common in the industry, is necessary in order to make the reservations and preparations for your procedure.

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