Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery on the body

Exercise, sport and a healthy diet are essential for a shapely body silhouette. Despite a lot of exercise, some parts of the body simply cannot be tightened. In addition, annoying fat deposits can stubbornly persist.

Nutrition as well as good skin care is an important basis for sustainable results in body-firming procedures. In addition, aesthetic body contouring and lifting can support the goal of a shapely body and well-being.

Most body contouring procedures refer to specific problem areas that can be treated specifically, or a combination of different procedures.

Liposuction (liposculpture), can permanently remove fatty tissue from the body. It is performed on the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms or even the chin.

Lipoplasty involves the redistribution of fatty tissue to beautify normal proportions into aesthetic curves and shapes, such as for buttock augmentation. However, the methods are often combined.

During a consultation you will be fully informed by PD. Dr. med. Mathias Tremp will fully inform you about the procedure, possible complications and feasibility of the desired body correction.

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Liposuction is a very common procedure and is very safe. It can remove fat deposits that usually do not go away with exercise or diet. Together with an optimal diet and skin care, the results are long-lasting. The following regions are possible:

Body lifting can be combined with liposuction and removal of excess skin. If the skin is tight and the BMI is less than 30 kg/m2 for women or 32 kg/m2 for men, liposuction is usually sufficient, using the most modern techniques (vibration technique with Microaire®).

Mommy Makeover (sagging belly, sagging empty breasts, thinning labia, dilated vagina and correction of perineal scars) refers to various procedures performed in the same operation to correct unwelcome change as a result of childbirth, pregnancy and breastfeeding. The following regions are often treated:

Today, for many women and men, a shapely and firm buttocks is part of an attractive body figure. If a satisfactory result is not achieved despite a healthy diet and a lot of exercise, aesthetic plastic surgery can be used to optimise a buttocks that is too small.

Intimate area of the woman

Surgical procedures in the genital area, especially aesthetic treatments, are becoming increasingly important nowadays.

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Excessive sweating in women and men

Excessive sweating can be very distressing for many people. Several methods are possible for treatment, which are very effective temporarily or long-lasting.

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