Fresh beauty - collagen stimulation for face and body? Questions for PD Dr Mathias Tremp

Collagen is an important structural protein of the skin. From the late 20s, the skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity and volume. Collagen stimulation tightens and smoothes the skin accordingly.

Collagen stimulators are injected directly into the skin or, in the face, directly over the bone and stimulate natural collagen production from within. Facial contours are tightened, resulting in a naturally fresh appearance with improved skin quality. The collagen stimulation creates increased volume and small wrinkles can be corrected.

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How does collagen stimulation work?

Collagen stimulators are high-quality dermal fillers consisting of calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse®) or based on poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) (Lanluma®). The products are "naturally" broken down by the body. At the same time, the body's own collagen and elastin production is reactivated.

This so-called biostimulation results in rejuvenation of the skin, volume build-up, natural lifting effect and a long-lasting younger and fresher appearance. For the buttock region (Lanluma®), collagen stimulators are used for volume building and tightening and also for the treatment of cellulite.

What is the course of treatment?

A numbing cream can be used before the treatment to make it more comfortable. We can also give you a painkiller before the treatment. In addition, the products are also available in combination with a local anaesthetic.

For the buttocks, the area is prepared with an anaesthetic syringe before the treatment. The injection is then carried out under sterile conditions with very fine needles, either in the subcutaneous tissue or in depth. Overall, the treatment is not very stressful, one treatment usually lasts about 30 minutes.

Which regions can be treated with collagen stimulators?

The innovative filler Lanluma® can be used to treat not only the face but also the buttocks, thighs, arms, neck, back of the hand or décolleté. Radiesse® is suitable in the facial region for the treatment of the cheekbone, cheek area, mandibular line, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, chin transverse fold and lower jaw contour.

What do I have to pay attention to after the treatment?

After the treatment with Lanluma® it is important to massage the treated area with a rotating motion for 5 minutes daily for up to two weeks. In addition, the treated area can be cooled with ice packs for the first 24 hours. Compression garments or bandages are recommended to help maintain the shape. Skin care products should not be used on the treated area for one week.

You should also avoid direct sunlight for 10 days after the injection and avoid saunas, swimming pools or strenuous physical activities for about 1 week. After a Radiesse ® treatment, you should not apply any make-up for 24 hours and avoid excessive movements or massage. You should also avoid exposure to the sun or sauna for the same period of time.

What are the risks of treatment?

The use of collagen stimulators is safe and well tolerated. Occasionally there is slight swelling, minor bruising or redness, but this disappears after a few days. Infections or allergies to the product are very rare. Small lumps can usually be treated efficiently with a daily massage. The foreign body sensation after treatment usually disappears with time. Collagen stimulators should not be performed on anyone with an infection in the treatment area. The treatment should also not be performed in pregnancy, when breastfeeding or in patients with an autoimmune disease.

When will I see the result and how long will the effect last?

The first results of the treatment become visible after about 6-12 weeks and continuously improve over the next 9 months. As a rule, the effect of the treatment lasts up to two years, sometimes longer with Lanluma®. Then a booster treatment can usually be carried out.

How often does the treatment have to be carried out?

In the face, treatment with Radiesse® usually requires only one session, occasionally a touch-up treatment is necessary. For an optimal result with Lanluma® on the buttocks, two to three sessions at intervals of 4 - 6 weeks are recommended, depending on the individual case. For cellulite, the treatment plan depends on the severity of the cellulite: for grade I, one treatment is sufficient, for grade IV, 6 treatments are necessary at intervals of 2 months.

What are the costs?

The costs of the treatments vary depending on the effort and number of sessions and are discussed with the patient before the treatment. As the procedure is an aesthetic treatment, health insurance companies do not usually cover the treatments.

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