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PD Dr. med. Mathias Tremp is a specialist FMH in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Until the end of 2019, he was a senior physician at the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University Hospital Basel and co-coordinator of the Skin Tumour Centre.

PD Dr Mathias Tremp thus has a great deal of experience in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, especially dermatological tumour surgery.

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Facelift High SMAS technique? Questions for PD Dr Mathias Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 20 Jun 2020

The traditional techniques of facelifts by primarily skin removal have a short duration of effect and poor wound healing with visible scarring. The problem is the high tension in wound healing. Studies show...

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Facelift methods for face lifting? Questions for PD Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 11 Jun 2020

There are different methods of face lifting to tighten the sagging parts of the face for a long time. The classic face lift can be divided into different layers. However, today's trend is towards minimal...

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Treat lipedema? Questions for PD Dr Mathias Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 03 Jun 2020

Lipedema is a common fat distribution disorder and affects about 10% of women. Typically, the legs are affected by a disproportionate accumulation of fat tissue. There is often a feeling of tightness and the fat accumulation changes...

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Corrective methods for uneven breast shape? Questions for PD Dr Mathias Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 01 Jun 2020

An uneven breast shape is very common and can be psychologically very stressful. There are various correction options, which can often be combined. The most common methods include: Breast implants (teardrop-shaped, round...

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Buttock augmentation with autologous fat? Questions for PD Dr Mathias Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 24 May 2020

In recent years, buttock augmentation with autologous fat has become increasingly popular. Fat is suctioned from the abdomen, for example, and after it has been cleaned and prepared, it is injected into the...

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Upper eyelid lift or eyebrow lift? Questions for PD Dr Mathias Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 17 May 2020

Excess skin on the upper eyelids quickly makes patients look tired and old. However, older patients in particular often have sunken eyebrows at the same time, which are often unnoticed. Therefore, occasionally a...

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Skin tumour? Questions for PD Dr Mathias Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 09 May 2020

The term "tumour" is often mistakenly equated with "cancer". Not all skin tumours are malignant and need to be treated. Besides malignant skin tumours such as malignant melanoma (black skin cancer), spinalioma (prickle cell cancer)...

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Reduction of the male breasts? Questions for PD Dr Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 01 May 2020

In men, breast enlargement to the female form can be unilateral or bilateral. Almost half of all men have a male breast. There are two types of male breasts (gynaecomastia). The...

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Abdominoplasty or liposuction? Questions for PD Dr Mathias Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 24 Apr 2020

Read also: Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery on the body, body lift, buttock lift and pomodelling, women's intimate area How does liposuction work? Before liposuction, a so-called tumescent solution is injected into the fatty tissue....

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TCA peeling? Questions for PD Dr. Mathias Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 04 Apr 2020

Many patients suffer from fine scars on the face, skin irregularities, small wrinkles or sun-related skin damage. Also relatively widespread is the so-called melasma or chloasma, an excessively strong deposit of melanin...

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Consultation before breast surgery: Recommendation PD Dr. Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 24 Mar 2020

At the beginning of every operation there is a consultation with an experienced doctor of plastic aesthetic surgery. During the consultation, the patient's expectations and wishes are discussed. Aesthetic corrections of the breast,...

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Foot with spider veins

Remove spider veins on legs and feet with foam sclerotherapy? Questions for PD Dr. med. Mathias Tremp

From PD Mathias Tremp, MD | 01 Mar 2020

Vein problems are one of the most important diseases in our society. An estimated 30% suffer from the consequences. Spider veins are small, visible, superficial, fan-shaped veins and are cosmetically disturbing. Due to the so-called...

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