Upper arm lift? Questions for PD Dr Mathias Tremp

With the ageing process or after massive weight loss, wrinkling and loosening of the connective tissue on the upper arms can occur. This can be very disturbing, especially for women, and the choice of clothing is correspondingly limited. With an upper arm lift, the excess skin and fatty tissue is permanently removed. The surgical treatment can include liposuction alone or a combined procedure using liposuction and surgical removal of excess skin.

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How is an upper arm lift performed?

In patients with good skin elasticity and little excess skin, liposuction alone can lead to a very good result. The technology used is secondary, what is important is the liposuction technique. Usually, 360° liposuction of the upper arms is performed with a thin cannula, emphasising the anatomy, in order to achieve the most natural and feminine result possible.

If necessary, liposuction can be extended to the underarms. In case of moderate excess skin, a vertical skin tightening on the inner side of the upper arms is necessary. The scar is located in the armpit and is hardly visible. In patients after massive weight loss and severe excess skin, horizontal and vertical skin tightening is necessary. Skin removal is always performed in combination with liposuction.

How long is the scar of an upper arm lift?

The exact length and position of the scar varies from person to person and depends on the extent of the excess skin and fat. However, with regular scar care, the scar is hardly visible after a year and the shape is ultimately decisive.

What is the procedure for upper arm lift treatment?

The operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia and on an outpatient basis. The upper arm lift with liposuction alone is performed in the prone position, while the surgical skin removal is performed in the supine position. To prepare the tissue for the operation, manual lymphatic drainage is recommended one day before the operation. If you smoke, you must completely stop nicotine consumption at least two weeks before and after the operation.

What are the risks of an upper arm lift?

Serious complications such as bleeding or infections are very rare. As the operation is very superficial, nerve and vascular injuries are unlikely. The lymph vessels are usually not injured, which is why lymphoedema is hardly possible after the operation. Occasionally, there are temporary sensory disturbances, especially on the inside of the upper arm, but this will usually normalise in the following months. Wound healing disorders or fluid accumulation can usually be treated conservatively in the consultation without surgical intervention.

Is an upper arm lift painful?

As this surgery is purely soft tissue surgery, the procedure is usually painless. Pain medication would usually have to be taken for 5-7 days after the operation.

What do I have to keep in mind after the operation?

After the operation you will be given a compression garment for the upper arms, which must be worn consistently for 4 weeks. Afterwards, I recommend wearing the compression garment at night for another 4 weeks. I also recommend manual lymphatic drainage, which can be started 2-3 days after the operation, twice a week for a total of 9 treatments. Manual lymphatic drainage must be performed by a certified physiotherapist with additional training in manual lymphatic drainage. This may be supplemented by LPG Endermologie treatment after a few weeks. Sporting activities should be avoided until the wound has healed approx. 2 weeks after the operation. Stitches are removed after 14 days. For optimised scar healing, I recommend daily scar care from the 7th week of the operation up to one year after the operation as well as consistent sun protection SPF 50.

When will I see the result of the upper arm lift?

The healing process of the wound takes about two weeks, then the stitches are removed. However, the arms and hands may still be swollen then. Compression garments and manual lymphatic drainage can help the healing process. Hardening or irregularities may persist for a few more months; for the final result of liposuction it takes 6 months. Scar healing takes a year, and scar care with a silicone plaster or scar gel must be carried out during this time.

What are the costs of an upper arm lift?

As the procedure is an aesthetic treatment, health insurance companies do not usually cover the treatments. Very rarely, the upper arm lift can be covered by the health insurance, especially after significant weight loss. This must be checked on an individual basis. The costs for an aesthetic upper arm lift are variable and depend on the complexity of the operation. An exact cost estimate can therefore only be provided after a personal consultation.

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