Correction of ear position and shape (otopexy)

Earplasty Dr Mathias Tremp

Correction of Sick Ears in Children and Adults

In addition to their function as an important sensory organ, the shape and position of the ears have an influence on the appearance. Highly protruding ears (sigloid ears) can be aesthetically disturbing in children and adults and in certain cases can also cause psychological problems.

The causes of protruding ears are genetic. In most cases, an anthelix fold (inner fold of the auricle) that is too flat or not present at all or a too steep ear hollow (concha) are the reason. If the cartilage of the ear grows or develops undesirably, the ears can protrude from birth. In any case, protruding ears do not cause any hearing impairment and correction does not affect hearing either.

Ears are fully developed from the age of 4. This means that protruding ears can be created in children even before they start school. Otoplasty is one of the few aesthetic operations that is also performed on children before they reach the age of majority. The procedure can be performed on children and adolescents under general anaesthesia or in twilight sleep on an outpatient basis. For adults, the procedure is preferably performed with a gentle local anaesthetic.

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