Reconstructive Surgery

For smaller and larger tumours, scars or burns of the skin

In the case of larger tumours or those in anatomically sensitive regions (e.g. in the eyelid, auricle, lips or nose area), it is not always possible to excise the tumour and close the skin directly. We achieve an optimal result with tissue displacements in the face. Reconstructive facial surgery includes not only treatment after tumour removal, but also reconstruction after an accident or burn.

Tumours of the skin and fatty tissue are very common. These can be benign tumours such as moles and lipomas or malignant tumours such as melanomas or liposarcomas. Fortunately, the malignant ones are much rarer. In case of ambiguities, changes or rapid growth, a medical clarification is necessary and, if necessary, the removal of a tissue sample to confirm the diagnosis and plan further treatment.

Surgical techniques for scar revision may include excision of the scar, skin grafts and local or distal flaps (so-called microsurgical reconstruction) to minimize the scar. This allows them to better match the surrounding skin tone and texture.

Burn surgery includes the treatment and correction of burn scars. All reconstruction techniques are used (local flap plastic surgery, autologous fat treatment, microsurgical technique).

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Therapies of dermatological and reconstructive surgery

Facial surgery, tumour surgery, scar treatment and burn surgery

Reconstructive procedures are carried out on an outpatient basis, under local or general anaesthesia and usually take 30 to a maximum of 60 minutes. After 2-3 days the patients are fit for work again.

With a proper procedure, the risks of secondary bleeding, haematomas, swelling, pressure sensitivity and diverging wound edges can be reduced to a minimum. It takes 4-6 weeks until complete healing and decongestation. During this time, solar radiation should be avoided.

The costs of reconstructive surgery are usually covered by health insurance as an illness.

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