Abdominoplasty and liposuction for a new attitude to life? Questions to PD Dr. med. Mathias Tremp

In an abdominoplasty, the excess fatty tissue and skin is surgically removed. In an abdominoplasty, the excess fatty tissue and skin is surgically removed. The procedure is usually combined with liposuction to achieve an improved contour. The procedure is often performed on patients who have lost a lot of weight and who do not remove the excess skin and fatty tissue even through sports activities. The procedure leads to an improved quality of life, the scars are secondary in the course of the procedure with good silhouette.

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Problem zone stomach!

For many people the stomach is a "problem zone" and the desire for a flat and slim stomach is great.

Whether through weight loss, pregnancy or the progressive aging process - the skin on the stomach slackens quite quickly and can only be influenced to a limited extent by training and a healthy lifestyle.

Is the result of a tummy tuck long lasting?

The chances for a lasting result are good provided that the body weight remains stable. After the operation, we will motivate you to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Are there scars from the tummy tuck?

Depending on the extent of the excess skin, the incision and scarring is made in the bikini area. As a rule, after a few months, the abdominoplasty leaves a light, fine scar.

Depending on your predisposition, reddened and thickened scarring may rarely occur in the bikini area or around the navel if it is newly transplanted. Then we can positively influence the scar formation at an early stage with cortisone treatments or silicone patches. As a rule, however, scarring is not a problem for patients in good shape.

Do I have to lose weight before the procedure?

If you have a male BMI of more than 32kg/m2 or a female BMI of more than 30kg/m2, you should try to reduce your weight by means of nutritional advice and regular exercise.

What role do my medication or previous illnesses play?

During the preliminary talks you must inform us about any medication and previous illnesses. If you are taking blood-thinning medication such as aspirin, you should pause it 10 days before the operation, otherwise the risk of bleeding is increased.

What are the risks with a tummy tuck?

Possible complications are bruises, excessive scarring, circulatory problems, bruising or infections. The exact risks are discussed in detail with the doctor during a preparatory consultation. Temporary numbness usually returns to normal after 12 - 24 months and is hardly a problem for the patient.

How long does the inability to work last?

Incapacity for work of around two weeks must be expected. In the case of heavy physical activity, the loss of working hours can last up to 4 weeks.

What should be considered after the operation?

We'll give you a waist belt to wear for four weeks. The stitches will be removed after about 14 days. Sporting activities can usually be resumed after 4 weeks once the healing process is complete. We recommend a scar massage after 6 weeks.

What does a tummy tuck cost?

The actual costs depend on the type and extent of the respective intervention and can only be determined precisely during a consultation. Offer and prices

Does the health insurance pay a share of the operation?

Occasionally and/or after significant weight loss, the responsible health insurance company will cover the costs of an abdominoplasty. However, this requires a detailed medical clarification.

Possible decision criteria are a BMI

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