Uneven breast shape? Questions to PD Dr. Mathias Tremp

Most women have asymmetrical breasts. Unequal sizes or different shapes of the breasts are normal. The position of the nipples can also vary from breast to breast.

If the differences and asymmetries of the breasts are very large and the woman suffers from them, a breast correction can be useful. PD Dr. Mathias Tremp answers frequent questions from the breast consultation.

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How common is an uneven breast shape?

An asymmetrical or uneven breast shape is very common and occurs in practically every patient. Very rarely, symmetry can be achieved with a simple breast enlargement, but additional measures are needed to achieve symmetry.

What methods can be used to compensate for the shape of the breast?

If there is a significant difference in breast volume, a different implant per breast can be used to achieve symmetry. There are drop-shaped or round implants. Which implant is ultimately used above or below the muscle is decided individually and must be harmonized with the patient's wishes.

What are the options if the breast is a little saggy?

If the breast is also slightly sagging, a lift should be performed at the same time as the breast enlargement. The lift can be carried out from the inside ("internal lift") in the case of discreetly hanging breasts, in the case of clearly hanging breasts the lift must be carried out from the outside, either around the atrium or with a so-called T-cut with a vertical scar down to the underbust crease.

What other options are available to correct an uneven breast shape?

Another and very popular option is fat grafting. This can be done by liposuction in several regions and injected into the breast. The fat is not injected into the mammary gland, but either into the muscle or through the glandular tissue under the skin.

What is a tubular chest?

A tubular breast is created by the fact that regions of the breast develop differently. The breast appears small, shapeless and resembles a "tube breast" or "proboscis". Often there is also a raised underbust crease and an oversized, protruding areola.

How is the "hose chest" corrected?

The hose chest is relatively common. A correction consists in the remodelling and shaping of the glandular tissue. The underdeveloped glandular body is compensated with an implant.

Is there a risk of cancer with implants or with autologous fat treatment?

Recently, breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) has been the subject of increasing discussion. This is a rare form of cancer that should not be confused with breast cancer. There is a possible connection between BIA-ALCL and breast implants, but nothing has been proven to date.

The exact cause for the development of BIA-ALCL is unclear. It is suspected that the surface structure of breast implants plays a role: according to this, implants with textured surfaces are more often associated with BIA-ALCL than smooth-walled implants.

Today, self fat treatment is considered safe with regard to breast cancer and further follow-up examinations for preventive medical checkups are also possible after treatment.

How long will I be incapable of working?

Depending on the extent of the operation between 7-14 days

When can I do sports and take a shower again?

Showering is allowed after 48 hours, physical activity is possible again after 4 weeks.

Do I have to wear a special bra after the operation?

After the operation you must wear a tight bra for 8 weeks.

What are the risks?

Possible risks are infections, secondary bleeding, capsule contraction or unsightly scarring. There is numbness at the beginning, but the feeling usually returns to normal after 6 months. In addition, smaller corrective operations are often necessary later on.

What are the costs?

The cost of an operation is agreed in advance depending on the duration and severity of the operation. In the case of pronounced congenital malformations of the breast, the health insurance company may be able to cover part of the costs; this must be checked individually.

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