Masterclass in Facial Plastic Surgery

Aesthetics and Art Symposium, 25-26 Ocotber 2019, Basel, Switzerland.

Dear Colleagues

We are pleased to invite you to our joint symposium “2nd Aesthetics And Art Symposium” and “2nd International Mastersymposium of Reconstructive and Regenerative Surgery”, which will take place in Basel, Switzerland from October 25th – 26th, 2019.

The aim of our meeting is to extend our knowledge and collaborations with world-leading experts from around the world in the fascinating artistic environment of Basel. Basel has a long tradition of art and, therefore, the combination of “Aesthetics And Art” fits perfectly into the framework of this city.

A major focus of this meeting remains the face, discussing and highlighting all aspect of Facial Rejuvenation, covering invasive and non-invasive procedures, but also facial reconstruction and regeneration. However, other aspects of Aesthetic Surgery will be debated, too – including (social media) marketing, investment and research topics.

We are convinced that this joint Symposium will be a highly educational, memorable, and „not-to-be missed“ event and we are very excited to meet you in Basel.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

The Basel Conference Chairs

Prof. Dr. Dirk J. Schaefer, Dr. Mathias Tremp, Dr. Dr. Florian Thieringer

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